NTG GCM – GlobalCustoMate

Electronic invoicing allows companies of all sizes and sectors to save time, money and paper. GCM invoicing system is quick, efficient and easy to use and it contains everything you need from customer management to invoicing. You can use GCM-system easily through web browser wherever you are: home, office or even on the road.



GCM works regardless of devices and operating system through web browser, so there is no need for any software installations. Invoicing and customer information is located in secure server, therefore you can have access to them from any computer with Internet connection. In addition to own personnel also the book-keepers, for example, can have user status. You can make invoices quickly with GCM. Saved invoices are automatically shifted into accounts receivable and follow-up of invoices.

System qualifications:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Data transmission facility to customer management system
  • Interface to bank program
  • Management of invoicer information
  • Management of users and user rights
  • Reports


The function of invoicing is to create invoices, update invoice and sales diary and to compile statistics over invoices.

Qualifications of invoicing module

  • Manual creating of invoices, preview, repairing and printing
  • Bar code invoicing
  • Establishing invoice and customer information as data transmission from outer system
  • Sending invoices straight to customers with e-mail
  • Customer, product and salesmen index
  • Management of users and user rights
  • Invoice diary with transactions and registry summary for book-keeping


Accounts receivable

With accounts receivable module you can follow up the status of invoice after it has been sent to the customer. From accounts receivable you can see open invoices, send reminder invoices, establish interest and collection charges and register payments. Payments can be registered manually or directed automatically from bank program.

Qualifications of accounts receivable module

  • Follow-up of receivables, open and expiring invoices
  • Registration of payments manually or automatically from bank’s reference material
  • Payments diary with transactions and registry summary for book-keeping
  • Overview and printing of single or mass payment requests

GCM – easier way, works everywhere!