Business Service System

As a natural extension to our directory and invoicing service, we also offer domain name registration and website set-up services. For many of our advertisers it makes sense to fulfil all online advertising needs with one supplier. Our business service system contains easy to use Internet solutions for all size businesses.

Comprehensive Internet Services for Your Business

Business Service System is designed especially for companies which need effective Internet solutions. With BSS it is easy to maintain and update company’s website without high expenses.

Updating websites is easy with Web-based editor. You don’t need any programming skills; you will manage with basic text editing skills.

The product family includes three different services from which you can choose the one that suits your business best. All services are cost-effective solutions.

You can have more efficiency with extra modules, such as news, RSS-feeds, webshop, event calendar, advertising banners, news group and Intranet. You can have all of these goodies at once or add them when ever needed! Ask more!

BSS –product family contains suitable Internet solutions for small and large businesses:


An introduction website for your business, easy to update!


A comprehensive web service, a website which is easy to manage.


Wide and high quality service for the needs of large business, non-limited amount of web pages!

All NetBusiness services include:

  • A Web-based editor, which is as easy to use as using basic text editing tools!
  • NetOffice: e-mail, calendar, memo, task list…Can be used through the Internet where ever you are!
  • Lots of different page layouts
  • We can also tailor the graphics and layout to match your company’s image, ask us!



Simple and easy as text editing!